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Life. Mind. Science. Art. Technology. Nature. Travel. Activities.

Conscious Earthling aspires to to discover, curate, consolidate, and distribute the best content that Earthlings have to offer.  Each life experience  is diverse, so in turn the pursuit of consciousness must also be diverse in both content and scope.

Audio, video, dance, music, athletics, exploration, and the written word.

Conscious Earthling is a project based on the understanding that information wants to be free, that learning shouldn't end after adolescence, that mainstream media is fucked, and that finding a balance between life in the physical world and the digital wolrd is uncharted Earthling territory not to be treaded lightly. The only chance that we Earthlings have to survive our own existence and save this beautiful Earth, is by better communicating, sharing, and continue learning about the universe around us.

It's hard to keep track of websites, I get that. So, instead of remembering to come back to this site, I made an automated email that is sent out once a week.

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Social media companies are bad and you should probably quit... but they are also where many people spend their time. Story summaries and links will be shared on social media, so if thats the type of thing you are into, we are here for you. Like and share away.

Information sharing is not a one way street. Each Earthling has their own independent views on what comprises of a conscious existence. A /r/consciousearthlings  Reddit community has been established for this purpose.

deep life learning towards a better humanity

If you have content (article,video,picture,music,anything!) please post a link to it on the subreddit. This link will allow the community to view the article, vote up or down, which in turn assists the mere Earthling editors with compiling the best content available.

Thanks for checking out the site and let me know if you find any bugs or broken links. If you think it's cool and want to buy me a beer click here 🙂 .

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