Ok… maybe not your TV set, but you probably should kill your cable. Pay a ton of money a month and still have to watch ads?.. Not cool.

The internet is full of entertaining and educational content and Conscious Earthling attempts to bring it to you. On the top navigation bar you will see a “Watch” tab. This provides a list of all videos linked to on the site. Curious and Conscious content on the regular.

The Chromecast is bad ass. for $32 you can plug it into your HDMI port in the back of your TV and send it anything from the internet. Youtube and Vimeo videos work great with it, and Conscious Earthling will make every attempt to have properly formatted videos for streaming and a Youtube channel is in the works . has also been built to be fully responsive and provide a exceptional experience when on a mobile device, so grab your phone, pull up the site, save it to your home screen, and use it as a chromecast remote to kill your cable bill and expand your consciousness.