If you die via asteroid, this is how it will happen

Asteroids that pose an existential threat to life on Earth only strike once every 500,000 years or more. Even the 140-meter-wide asteroids that could destroy cities and regions rain down death once every 10,000 years. And the risk of being even injured from a 20-meter object — like the one that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013 and hurt nearly 1,500 people — is tiny.

In sum, here’s what they found: If you’re going to die via an asteroid, it will be the wind and shockwave that gets you.

Tsunami’s aren’t as much of a factor, relatively speaking, because in many areas, the geography of the shoreline would dampen their destructive reach, New Scientist explains in its report on the study. Also: Wind is a factor in every asteroid collision, and tsunamis are only implicated in impacts over water.

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