There’s A ‘Glaring’ Gap In The War Against Poverty And Disease


It’s almost a year to the day since world leaders committed to meeting 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” by 2030, from wiping out extreme poverty to fighting disease and inequality.

This data gap has been the talk among advocates for the poor this week as the U.N. General Assembly’s current session got underway. It was at last year’s General Assembly that the 17 goals were set.

The only way to achieve them is to know where we stand now.  For instance, it’s hard to get solid, comparable numbers across all countries on everything from maternal mortality to how well girls are transitioning from school into jobs to what assets women own.

In some cases — domestic violence against women is a classic example — many countries don’t consider gathering this data a top concern.   As for the huge pool of data we do have — advocates say much of it is difficult to get hold of because it’s being hoarded by everyone from U.N. agencies to researchers.


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